A unique biofilm control agent to enhance the performance for Reverse Osmosis (RO) system!

Kuriverter IK-110 Kuriverter IK-110
Kuriverter™ IK-110 Technology delivers unique value by:
  • ・ Lowering differential pressure across the membrane
  • ・ Reducing cleaning frequency
  • ・ Reducing electricity consumption
  • ・ Maintaining quality and quantity of permeate
  • ・ Minimizing cost and facility downtime
  • ・ NSF listed
Kuriverter™ IK-110 Technology helps protect your membrane from biofouling impact, conserves energy, and reduces total cost of operation!



Less Energy


Less membrane

Kuriverter™ IK-110 is a breakthrough in RO solutions. It does not require conventional disinfection chemicals, nor is it necessary to stop plant operation. This new kind of slime control agent peels off biofilm in RO membranes by continuous online dosing!

Conventional Product
Biocide Conventional Product
Kuriverter™ IK-110
New Biofilm Control Agent
Kuriverter IK-110 New Biofilm Control Agent


Learn how Kuriverter™ IK-110 Technology contributes to energy savings and increased economic benefit for our customers.
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Case Study

Kuriverter™ IK-110

Kuriverter™ IK-110 is accredited with compatibility letters from the most well-known,
global membrane manufacturing companies. When applying Kuriverter™ IK-110, you can trust system challenges will be solved, and the Total Cost of Operation will improve.